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Harley-Davidson Helmet Communication Systems

Harley-Davidson Communication Systems
Talk to other riders, passengers, music, navigation, and more

Long gone are the days of confusing hand signals and shouting over exhaust and radio noise at stoplights. Motorcycle communication systems have come a long way since the days of bulky plugs, lots of wires, and big blobs of microphones. Modern systems are wireless, integrate into helmets, and some are so seamless that they are almost unnoticeable. Many come in sets that are already paired to one another, saving an important step in getting on the road!

Sena is a leading manufacturer in this field, and even partners with Harley-Davidson on the 50S units and other Harley-Davidson branded communication systems. The 50S simplifies and extends wireless communication between devices, riders, and their Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Available as a pair or in a single unit, the 50S has awesome features like voice command integration, automatic updates over WiFi, and a working distance of up to five miles under optimal conditions. The 50S even features an integrated FM radio! 

The Harley-Davidson 50S is even compatible with the Harley-Davidson Boom! Box GTS radio when equipped with the Wireless Headset Interface Module (Sold Separately) and works with Bluetooth connectivity to phones and other communication devices. 

Why get a communication system? While modern touring bikes have radios, in helmet speakers can provide better sound quality for music lovers, and some even offer noise canceling features. In addition to better quality music listening, talking to passengers and other riders can be a great way to break up a long ride, point out scenic vistas, or alert others to road conditions, hazards, and directions. Tying into the motorcycle’s infotainment system makes navigation easy, and even shows maps on the TFT display. Riding something a little less futuristic? Systems will tie into phones and GPS units as well for easy and seamless navigation.

Some riders are rocking a half helmet, and while it might seem like adding a communication system would be impossible, rest assured that it is not! The Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio Expand 2.0 Bluetooth Half Helmet Headset is a great solution for riders who use a half helmet. Worn independently, it can even be used by a family member or friend driving a support vehicle! While the Expand 2.0 Headset may have slightly fewer features than the 50S, it still offers four way intercom with passengers and other riders, Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity, and up to 10 hours of talk time. 

If the stock speakers aren’t enough, there’s even a Stage 1 upgrade for Harley-Davidson Communication Systems. The Harley-Davidson Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate - Stage I Speakers for Wireless Headsets upgrade music playback, more bass response, and full dynamic range at all volume levels for riders who require only the best audio available. Compatible with the 30K and 20S Harley-Davidson comm systems, these speakers are a great upgrade without purchasing a new unit. Just be sure to update the firmware to maintain compatibility. 

Audio not enough? Some communication systems even have built in helmet cameras! The Harley-Davidson 50C has the same features as the 50S, but adds a 4k camera to the unit. 4K video recording and a 12MP camera assure fantastic video quality for on and off-road adventures. Another great feature: Electronic Image Stabilization. No need to share shaky videos of rides, videos from the 50C will translate beautifully on screens big and small.

Another important add-on for Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles (2014 and later) is the Wireless Headset Interface Module (WHIM) mentioned above. Sold separately from the in-helmet communication units, it allows riders to communicate with the bike, without being wired to it! The WHIM most importantly allows riders to seamlessly use all wired headset functionality, and to adjust volume from motorcycle hand controls. A great safety feature! 

Communication Systems are a great addition to any ride, check them out today with a no obligation, free VIP appointment: Contact us